I am Linda and along with my husband Richard and our dog Muffin we enjoy our summers on the UK's canal system

Monday 20 February 2023

Spain 2023 - February 14th to 16th

Tuesday 14th February

With the family all being here I am behind with my writing, and none of us can remember what we did on this morning!!

However, in the afternoon the kids all went in the pool which was followed by a trip to the beach for more sand castle building. 

The Best Indalo Hotel is still painting the outside after the calima last year.  They had better hurry up before the season starts at the end of March. 

One of blocks of flats in Calle Belgica (our road) has just been repainted but they seem to have missed a bit.  I hope they come back to finish it!  You can now tell the places that haven’t been repainted.  The block below has never been white but looks even worse now.

I forgot to say yesterday that we now have a hire car.  Our car is a 7 seater but there are 8 of us plus Muffin.  We have gone with Caracola Car Hire, a local company run by an English family. 

I made one of my paellas in the evening but no-one remembered to take a photo of it!  I did take a silly little video though.

Wednesday 15th February

After having such a lazy day yesterday, I decided to organise the troops!  We drove up to Garrucha and walked up passed the marina, then had a cup of coffee.  Richard and I had boring old café con leche while the others had more interesting coffees.  Iced coffee with ice-cream, cappuccino with ice-cream and the boys had a chocolate milkshake each which I didn’t get round to photographing! 

On our way back to the car we found a playpark which the boys really enjoyed.  Well, Tobyn did, poor Bobby was stalked by a small Spanish boy and just wanted to play but Bobby did not want to play with him!! 

 It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed the playpark!

Even Laura got stalked by the Spanish boy!

We split up after the playpark with Richard’s team going home and my team going to Lidl’s.  Why is it that all Lidl’s wherever they are all look the same! 

Before bed the boys, well Tobyn, had a lesson on Scrabble online (Richard’s favourite game).  Bobby just wanted in on the action! 

Richard and I babysat while the youngsters went out for a meal.  Last year the boys got out of bed a couple of times, but this year Bobby came down, looked at us then went back upstairs.  Robert found him flopped on their bed when he came home.  We reckoned he had been sleep walking!

Thursday 16th February

We had some sunshine today.  Robert and Laura took Bobby to a café called PJs where they have some soft play.  Tobyn would have gone but he was sick 5 times during the night!  James volunteered to stay with him while Richard, Victoria and I went to the Parque Comercial for coffee and to Consum, the underground supermarket.  I really like Consum but it isn’t very car friendly or at least not for a slightly over height car.  On our first year in Mojacar we had a Ford CMax and took it into the underground car park.  I don’t know how we didn’t hit the roof on the slope!  Richard would never go in there again!!

Those who made it for lunch (R, L and B had had brunch) were able to sit outside.  Tobyn felt a lot better and was able to eat. 

It was the pool in the afternoon.  Tobyn has very little fear of the water but still isn’t swimming without a float.  Bobby had had a rather nasty experience last year where he disappeared under the water for, what felt like minutes, but was more like seconds.  When he first went in the pool this year, he sat on the steps and wouldn’t go in.  This video will show you how he has progressed though the video is really about Tobyn. 

Victoria changed the dressing on my finger for a plaster – great improvement.

We had the obligatory BBQ.  Richard moaned all the time and says he isn’t going to use the BBQ again!  The food was lovely though.


  1. How is the finger now and are you still deaf in one ear?

    1. The finger is healing nicely thank you. I'm deaf in both ears now!!