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Thursday 16 February 2023

Spain 2023 - February 11th to 13th

Saturday 11th February

We had a quiet morning which was just as well as it was a pretty traumatic afternoon!! 

We were having a nice lunch which was finished off with a piece of fruit.  I went to cut the end off my banana with a dinner knife when it slipped and cut my finger.  The cut was quite deep and wouldn’t stop bleeding, I sat with my hand above my heart while applying pressure for ages but it still didn’t stop.  In the end we went to the Urgencias (emergency medical centre) in Mojacar but there was no one there except a paramedic who didn’t speak any English.  I managed to work out that they was no doctor on duty and that we had to go up the coast to Garrucha.  We toddled off and got caught up in a cycle race, or at least the roads were closed because there was one coming.  I had some idea where the Urgencias was as it is opposite the Police Station where we had to report our break-in back in 2020.  I had very cleverly (or so I thought) used Google Translate to say that I had cut my finger quite deeply.  The receptionist looked at me blankly and just said “medical card”.  While she was photocopying the said card I looked at my phone only to see that I had translated my phrase into French!!  Once it was in Spanish she understood.  I was seen by a very nice paramedic who spoke a little English.  He put steristrips on it and then a very stretchy bandage and told me to go to the Mojacar Urgencias the next day. 

We drove back to the villa where I felt very sorry for myself as it really hurt.  Who would have thought that a dinner knife could do so much damage!!

Laura very kindly prepared dinner.

Sunday 12th February

It was THE day of our second big arrivals!  Victoria and James were flying into Almeria.  They had had a very early start with an alarm call at 3am!  Robert and Bobby came with me to the airport as I really didn’t want to drive on my own again.  Bobby was watching Frozen on the iPad so was very quiet.  We arrived at the airport a little bit early so had a coffee while Bobby had a Frozen Cornetto – blue ice cream!  Bobby was so excited to be seeing Aunty Vix and Uncle James and couldn’t wait for them to come out of the Arrivals hall.

We had a good drive home and arrived back about 1pm.  We had a table booked at Badgers for 2pm and all walked down to the restaurant where we had an excellent Sunday roast as usual.  We walked back to the villa via the exercise area. 

Back at the villa the younger generation went into the pool, which was up to 25°.  It was lovely to see them all enjoying themselves so much.

Victoria changed the dressing on my finger (she is a nurse) as I had woken up to blood on the sheets and the brand new bedspread – I hope it comes out!

Monday 13th February

Swimming was first on the agenda.  12° out of the pool and 26° in.

Another trip to the supermarket – I can’t believe how much food and drink is being consumed! 

We came back to the villa for lunch which was rather chaotic with 8 people round the table, with bread, cheese, ham and goodness what else on it.

After lunch it was back to the beach so see how the castle foundation that Robert had started to build on Friday had survived.  It looked fine and had some more work done on it! 

Later Victoria changed the dressing on my finger as the iodine on one of the dressings had seeped through and looked horrid.  Apparently the steristrips can come off on Saturday.  The finger is still quite sore.

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