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Wednesday 8 February 2023

Spain 2023 - February 5th to 7th

Sunday 5th February

We woke up to blue sky and sunshine.  The bedroom was chilly but as the sun came up it soon warmed up.  There has been no one in the villa since Christmas so it was bound to be chilly.  We did some more unpacking and had coffee on the patio.  

I had booked Sunday lunch at Badgers which was as good as always. 

The afternoon was spent relaxing – we needed it!

Monday 6th February

Monday was started by a trip to the vet in Turre.  Don’t worry it was just routine.  If you are a regular reader you might remember that last year we were in and out of the vets for Muffin to have injections and blood tests.  His Addison’s Disease is now under control and I give him his monthly injections, but the vet at home cut down his daily steroid pills so a blood test was needed to check his electrolytes.

The car needed washing, even though there had been no rain it was filthy.  Richard loves going to the DIY car wash here!  €1 for a wash and €1 for the rinse.

After lunch we had to go shopping.  The first shop is always a big one and this one was no exception!  Almost €200 later we were home and unpacking the car.  The new kitchen has given guests so much more cupboard space which we need for a two month stay.  For normal holiday makers who are here for a week they usually eat out so won’t really appreciate the extra space! 

It was then “nose in computer” as Richard says, as I caught up with blog.

It was a bit chilly this evening so the fire was on. 

Tuesday 7th February

Two day off now, nothing to do really which is lovely as we are being invaded on Thursday evening!!  My son, Robert, daughter-in-law, Laura, along with my gorgeous grandsons, Tobyn and Bobby arrive on the late flight into Almeria.  We are then joined by daughter, Victoria, and son-in-law, James, on Sunday.  I am so looking forward to next week when we are all here together, I just hope the weather is good as it is a bit cold today, 16°.  Normal British clothes but able to sit outside.

We had to go and collect a parcel today, great excitement.  I had asked Amanda, the villa owner, if she had an airfryer and she said no but that she was happy to buy one and gave me free rein with a budget of €200.  My Ninga dual was €201 so Amanda ordered it.  I tested it out with pork loin chops and chips!  Just like home. 

I had a nasty experience in the afternoon.  I was walking between the dining table and the brace at the bottom of the stairs and tripped over the brace.  I lost my balance and flew forward and the front door stopped me falling.  If it had been a nice day, we would probably have had both halves of the door open, and I would have gone splat onto the terrace.  I'm always telling people to be careful, and it was me who tripped  

It was cold today – an hour inland and there was snow, so we should count ourselves lucky!

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  1. Pleased to hear you're settled in. OMG - that stair brace is a killer! Be careful.