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Monday 13 February 2023

Spain 2023 - February 8th to 10th

Wednesday 8th February

We woke up at 7.30am to a power cut or should I say lack of power.  My CPAP machine have gone off which woke me up.  Richard discovered one of the circuits had tripped so reset it.

This villa is truly wonderful but since the new kitchen has been put in, the washing machine is now in a cupboard at the back of the house which is a real nuisance.  It also takes 2 hours 10 minutes for a cycle, twice as long as mine at home does.  This morning I found myself backwards and forwards to the cupboard waiting for it to finish (I hadn’t made a note of when I had put it on).  It finally finished and I put it out on the washing line which Richard put up across the pool – well not right across the pool!  The washing just managed to catch some sun before it clouded over but there was a warm breeze which dried it in no time really.

I have brought my slow cooker with me this year as I am in to batch cooking.  I made a huge bolognaise sauce which I will freeze in portions plus one for 8 of us for next week.  James likes my spag bol 😊 

We had brought with us 6 bedside rugs, 6 non slip sticky underlays and two bedspreads for Amanda.  We weren’t sure how we would get them in the car, but the rugs just slotted into the tiny spaces that had been left.  Today we decided it was time to put them down and see how they looked.  It was hard work especially as Richard had to lift the beds to get the rugs under them.  This is our room with its new rugs and lovely bedspread. 

By the end of the day, I was aching all over from my stumble yesterday and hit the paracetamol.

Thursday 9th February

We have three big arrivals while we are here and the first one is TODAY 😊  Robert, Laura and the boys were due in at Almeria airport at 8.40pm.  It was a bit late but much easier for them. 

The day was a bit grey and the sea a bit rough however there was a warmish wind blowing – the weather’s only saving grace. 

We had to go to Turre to meet Carli who rents out the children’s car seats.  Carli’s father, Jeff, who we dealt with last year had a massive heart attack last summer and sadly died.  Carli has taken over the business. The deal was sealed in Iceland’s car park and we skulked away – no we didn’t, but it sounded good!!  We had a list of goodies to buy in Iceland and then headed to the Chinese emporium next door to hopefully get a chess set as Richard is teaching Tobyn to play.  I found a nice board but the pieces are very plasticky but hopefully we can get some better ones at home.

Home via Thomas’s to stock up on wine and get bread for lunch.  I had a load of washing to put out and by the time I had done that it was time to go out again.  I had ordered meat from Farmer Sarah, who we met at the Dia supermarket.  We had meat from her last year and it was excellent. 

Back home once again and I was able to have my lunch and then the BIG problem.  With the food from Iceland, the meat and my batch cooking from yesterday and a very small freezer, where was it all going to go?  With a bit of pushing and shoving I got it all in except for the frozen fish for tomorrow night’s dinner which is in the fridge – I just hope it will be OK.

Robert’s flight was due to arrive at 20.40 but was estimated at 20.26 so I set off about 19.26 as it is an hour or so’s drive to the airport.  I didn’t enjoy the drive as there wasn’t that much traffic about to follow and the road has some nasty curves which can catch you out at 70mph (I’m old school!).  I got to the airport at almost the same time as the plane landed and it was only about a half hour wait for them to come through.  Bobby came running to me, oh how I love being a Granny!  Tobyn was a bit more restrained but I got a big hug from him 😊  The journey back wasn’t too bad, there was more traffic around, mainly lorries and I had Laura to chat to as well.  Back at the villa there was toast all round, including me, and Laura did some unpacking.  We were all in bed before midnight.  Tobyn had had a short sleep on his way to Gatwick, but Bobby had been going all day.

Friday 10th February

No-one woke up until gone 8am, oh I’ve just been told that Bobby was awake at 7am and was sat in front of the TV while Daddy went back to bed!

We always knew it was going to rain in the morning and we weren’t disappointed

Our first port of call was the supermarket to get the things that the boys like.  It is always a great way to keep them amused!

The rain stopped late morning so the afternoon was swimming.  The air temperature is anything between 12° and 14° but the pool gets up to around 26° and great fun was had for all, but not for Granny and Grandpa who acted as lifeguards! 

No holiday is complete without a trip to the beach.  The wind was a bit chilly, but it didn’t stop the hardy Renwicks.

I did mention the wind and it had certainly whipped the sea up.

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